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as i promise here is a sketch about an horse...something doesn't work,but no matter how much i look at it i cannot find what it is!!
let's start the game "look for mistakes!!"

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Kommentar av Carro den 16 Maj 2009 kl. 10.49
I don´t like horses but it was good 4 stars :)
Kommentar av Annie.Andersson den 11 Januari 2009 kl. 18.36
so preety you ar god
Kommentar av Annie.Andersson den 11 Januari 2009 kl. 16.50
åååå jag bara älskar hästar vissa teckningar e jättefulla men denna var asvacker..
Kommentar av Lana den 31 December 2008 kl. 13.26
Nice would you learn me
Kommentar av Akki-chan den 15 Oktober 2008 kl. 22.04
nice picture :)
Kommentar av asdfghjklöä den 15 Oktober 2008 kl. 17.24
Mmm, I must say I love seeing a horse in your style :D looks great! I especially like the head and hair, it looks really beautiful in the way you drew it :3 and it's interesting to see something a little more different than humans from you, too :> I like it
Although it all looks very good, I have a little critique on the legs ^^ it's a little hard to see, since the hooves isn't showing in this picture, but I think you made the legs a little too long :3
If you don't mind, I made a quick redline to explain better, since my english isn't the best: http://i38.tinypic.com/9056vd.jpg
I'm not the expert at details in horse anatomy, but one thing to think of when drawing animals is that the distance between the shoulders and, uh.. stomach? The orange lines on the pictures, anyway |D the distance from the top of the shoulders and straight down to the stomache is of the same lenght as from the 'elbow' down to the second joint just above the foot/paw/hoof of pretty much all animals. I can't recall if I know any adult animal that doesn't have such measurements (the babies doesn't have the same proportions) :3
And I don't think this picture really seem to have that problem, but I remember a good thing to think of when placing the joints in the middle of the horse's legs, is that if you add the joints on the front legs, and pull a line straight backwards, the joints of the backlegs should be resting on that line :>

Uhuh, too much text, I'm sorry -__-' I always throw in too much words when explaining things
But that's just a little to think of :3 I'm no expert on horse anatomy either, so... but I hope it helps
I think this is really good work anyway :> keep it up!
Kommentar av Lisa den 15 Oktober 2008 kl. 16.17
OH NICE , you have done a horse :D hmm what´s the problem.... maybe the back legs, they seem a bit awkward. but otherwise, it was terrific :D

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