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Kain: Leon... I sens rain is approaching. We should find shelter fast.
Leon: What? Rain? Now!? Where? How do you know it is going to rain?
Kain: I can jest feel it.


I am really proud of this picture. ^^
It was a really long time sins I colored the WHOLE PAPER traditional!!:wow:

I bought some COPIC ciao today and I tried to use them. =D But I used also NEOPIKO-2 pens. ^^
What I am not pleased whit is how Kain's shadow is on his chin. :( But I didn't have the right gray pens to do it with. :P But I tried. ^^

Next time I will use a better paper. :P

I used: ink, Copic ciao, neopiko-2.
Time: 7 hours.

velka © Kain Bagley and Leon Ortiz

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