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This is Ozzie ( in English name, of course )

This is my OC-BATTLE character från BCmanga ( which mean the BCmanga program have been shut down cuz i can't play longer at BCmanga TT_TT. ) Here some info about Ozzie.

Personality: She is crazy, smart and bored but lazy. She tends to sleep often in the morning and even in school. Sometimes she is short tempered and irritable. She's usually not as serious although she is short length.

Appearance: A young girl dressed in black dresses with green checkered dress. She has hair that is of similar spindle-shaped. Her facial features made up of eyes with yellow irises and black pupils. ( Ozzie's face did'nt show up cuz i am worry about to destroy her beautiful face in mess up T,T" So i am srry guys! xD )

So thats all for Ozzie's info!

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