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Klockan 13.22 den 21 Oktober 2009, LastDream sade ...
aww thanks :D
Klockan 12.35 den 8 Oktober 2009, max sade ...
ok ok ^^
Klockan 17.03 den 7 Oktober 2009, max sade ...
can you talk swedis?
Klockan 17.02 den 7 Oktober 2009, max sade ...
tahkns sry for my englis XD you ar awsome
Klockan 16.13 den 6 Oktober 2009, max sade ...
hu there you a a ctrate drawer asom ^^ lol buhu aym will learn more to drawing manga XD
Klockan 21.20 den 21 September 2009, Spejarmästaren sade ...
Hello, nice to hear from you. ^^
I'am fine thanks. ^o^
I'am also very busy, with my school, I have lot of homeworks. So I don't finde so much time for my drawings as I wish.

// Zophie
Klockan 20.02 den 11 September 2009, Spejarmästaren sade ...
Hello Erika, that was very long time, since I have see you here.
So I just want to say hello to you and ask how you feel.
And I have seen you made some new pictures, I like them very much. ^.^

See you //Zophie
Klockan 11.12 den 26 April 2009, Julia Lundgren sade ...
I see that i´m not the only one here who likes bleach ;D Really like the picture of uruhara, with the tatoo. Your pictures are good ;D <3
Klockan 17.35 den 28 Mars 2009, Flumkorv sade ...
love your paintings!
Klockan 22.37 den 11 Februari 2009, Lisa sade ...
nice, new photos. you get better with every new picture you make ^^
Klockan 14.09 den 9 Februari 2009, nine-tail sade ...
Thank u sooo much ERIKA!
Yes, i love Lavi too, he's the best =D
Klockan 11.03 den 7 Februari 2009, Annie.Andersson sade ...
im okey:D howe ar you today
Klockan 11.02 den 7 Februari 2009, Annie.Andersson sade ...
i have not relly paint all but little on deam (im not so god in english) i like all your pither;P
Klockan 17.25 den 6 Februari 2009, Annie.Andersson sade ...
wy do you not talking to me=S
Klockan 17.15 den 2 Februari 2009, Rödluvan sade ...
ahaa, oh. i thought you had seen the film! I´m sorry for misunderstanding!
hmm, i agree. buit Edward Is more than wonderful <3
Burt i really dislike bella, acctully. she´s so stupid especielly in the other and thierd book!! But in the last, she is great too!
I´m glad you liked it :Dyeah, the trailer is soo good. But nothing beats the book.
Klockan 20.29 den 1 Februari 2009, Rödluvan sade ...
You think the film is better? O.O
hmm, You saw the film first, so you are rthinkin of them like that, so I do understand you.
But i read all the books before i saw the movie, so i was thinkin of them in a diffrent way, a better way acctully! But they are sooo AMAZING! in the movie

du you understand what i´m trying to say? XD
Klockan 22.39 den 14 Januari 2009, Alexandra sade ...
Cool pictures! You like manga right?
Klockan 21.42 den 13 Januari 2009, Vera sade ...
bye! I hope i catch you later.
Klockan 21.42 den 13 Januari 2009, Vera sade ...
Hello!, thanks for the comment, I haven't any pictures get, but I wan't to. I have a lots of great pictures and you right that the age doesn't matter.
Klockan 20.58 den 11 Januari 2009, Sofie sade ...
OMG! you're really good!! (just so you know) :P

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